Monday, June 29, 2009

Our New Addition

This is Stella, our new 6 week-old Chocolate Lab! She is such a sweet, fat little girl.

The kids have been begging for a puppy for a year now. The begging has gotten really intense over the last few weeks. Elizabeth has been the most desirous. Daddy was the lone holdout, and he finally secretly agreed just a couple of days ago. I have been on the hunt online for the perfect dog, and I think I found her. She was at a beautiful farm (with cattle, chickens, kittens, a pony, and lots of dogs) about two hours from us. We kept the puppy a surprise from the kids, telling them we were going to look at furniture we found on Craigslist. We finally let the kids in on the excitement about 15 minutes before we arrived. This is the exact moment we told them. Elizabeth was about one second away from screaming here.

The litter of puppies is 6 weeks old, but they were quite a bit bigger than we thought. Stella barely fits on Mallory's lap.

I loved this picture of one of Stella's sisters licking Drew's ear. He is our very cautious, easily frightened child. He's always been pretty jumpy around animals, but he's really started getting better lately. I hope this new puppy is a good thing for him.

Of course Elizabeth was in love with all of the puppies we saw!

Ross loved holding all of the puppies.

And Mallory loved this kitten more than anything, I guess because he was just her size. The cute five year-old boy that lived at them farm was a little anxious about her love for the kitten. He kept telling Mallory, "You can't take the kitten with you."

Wish us luck on our new journey!