Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

These cuties are why I celebrate Mother's Day:

Sunday we got to see both of our mothers. Edward's mom and step-dad were travelling through the area after visiting her mom in Memphis. We were excited to see them for a few minutes!

Grammy and Grandad with their crew

Saturday my family treated me to a fun day. After I attended my brother Ben's jr. college graduation, we headed to St. Louis. We went to the temple. We enjoyed walking around the beautiful temple grounds.
They then took me to my favorite restaurant, Chevy's. They know taking Mom there makes her a happy woman!
We then stopped by our favorite park. It's a place with a big pond for fishing or feeding the ducks. It has two barns and a huge stable full of horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, and geese.

The men in the Wright family have a tradition of preparing a meal for us moms on Mother's Day, as well as cleaning up and tending to the children! Ahh, what a nice thing.
Unfortunately, the day ended with my poor nephew, Harrison, acquiring 6 stitches after a fall into the wood trim on the couch. Poor guy! We were joking about the timing of it. Ben graduated the day before. Two years ago, we were at Ben's high school graduation party when Elizabeth had to get 14 stitches in the middle of her forehead. We're going to make all the kids wear helmets when he graduates from his four-year university!