Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Big Birthday Girl

My baby girl isn't such a baby anymore! She turned two Saturday.
~ The two birthday girls blowing out their candles~
Mallory shares a birthday with her Aunt Annie
Mal was so cute. She tried over and over to blow out her candles.

After a bunch of tries, she finally asked, "Mommy help me?"

Goodbye hugs for Uncle Aaron

Ross Update

I've been asked by lots of people how things have been for us just a week out of the diagnosis. Things are going really well. Ross continues to have such a positive attitude. He adds up the number of carbs he eats per meal quicker than Edward and me! He is giving himself his own injections in his stomach and legs before each meal. I think he's kind of proud of that. He can't quite reach his arms, so we help him when it's time for a shot there. We have to rotate the injection sites each time so scar tissue doesn't build up. That would affect how he absorbs the insulin.

It was really hard for me to send him to school on Monday! I was quite anxious the entire day. I take comfort in knowing we are less than a mile from school. Also, the school nurse is wonderful. She has had diabetic students in the past, and her foster son had type 1 at the age of 3. I feel comfortable knowing he is in her hands, although I wish he was with me 24/7 right now.

His blood sugar continues to fluctuate a lot. The nurse called me once yesterday, and twice today to let me know he was hypoglycemic, or low. He had to take his glucose pills to raise it quickly. He reached 58 this afternoon. He did have an incident last Saturday that was a bit scary. He came to me and told me he was feeling low. I took a blood sugar reading and it was 88 - at the low end of his normal. He ate a snack, and about twenty minutes later he he started slurring his speech. He seemed very dazed and then began sweating profusely! I'm talking he looked like he was playing baseball in full catcher's gear in July! And he was just sitting there! We gave him his glucose pills, and within 5 minutes he was fine again. Crazy! I wish we would have tested him again at that time, but we were just trying to get him back to normal.

We have been so touched by the prayers, thoughts, and support of our friends and family as well as strangers! Edward had a client that came into the office specifically to give him a Jeremy Maclin rookie card (Mizzou player just drafted to the NFL) that we later learned is worth $70 right now. He's never met Ross, but he wanted to give him something to cheer him up. I've also been contacted by our local chapter of a diabetes support group. They have bent over backwards to make sure we're doing okay.

Thanks again for the prayers! We can feel them.