Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Visits

This post is pretty much for our far away Felker and Sargent families. On Friday and Saturday, we travelled down to Memphis to visit with Edwards Grandma Sargent and his Aunt Michele Hathaway's family. On our way down, we were able to visit Aunt Tootie and Cousin Carrie in Sikeston. As always, Cousin Carrie thought of the children and had made Easter cookies for them to decorate while we visited. We had a wonderful visit and a yummy lunch before we made it down to Memphis. And I was sorry I didn't take pictures of the trees in Sikeston. Due to the ice storm that hit the area in January, it literally look like a tornado ripped through the town. You can't believe all of the limbs that were still down three months later.

~Our family with 90 year-old Aunt Tootie~
~Edward and Grandma Sargent~
She looked good, despite her blue cast! She said this is the longest she's ever had her hair.

~Ross, Elizabeth, & Grandma Sargent~

~Our crew with Grandma~
Can you tell Drew did not want to be in the picture?

The kids took a movie break with cousins Drew & Aaron Hathaway. The boys were very hospitable!

Cousin Drew did A LOT of entertaining!!