Monday, March 9, 2009

Elizabeth's Baptism

We had a wonderful weekend with our dear family that attended Elizabeth's baptism. Due to my nearly dead camera, this is the only photo I was able to take of the day, but it is one I cherish. It was a sweet, family oriented baptism, with Elizabeth and her Grandad singing a duet, both of her grandmothers speaking, and other family members giving prayers and providing the music. It was a very special day for our family.

We were lucky enough to have all of Elizabeth's "Wright" family attend, seeing that they all live within an hour's drive. We had a majority of the "Felker" family attend. They travelled from Jefferson City, Columbia, & Kansas City. We were sad that the other three families couldn't attend, but the seven, twelve, and twenty-four hour drives make a weekend trip out of the question! Saturday night we squeezed twenty people into "Hotel Felker." We actually had beds for all of the adults, and of course the kids loved being together and sleeping on the floor. The four oldest boys expecially enjoyed sleeping in our dungeon of a basement!

Lil' Blago

Mallory's impersonation of Rod Blagojevich