Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crisis Averted

Last night, I was addressing some envelopes as the kids were finishing up a movie before bed. Elizabeth had made a big bowl of popcorn and was lying on the floor while munching. All of a sudden, a panicked Elizabeth jumped up and screamed, "MOM!!!!! MALLORY STUCK A POPCORN KERNEL UP HER NOSE!!!!!!!!" Now, for whatever reason, Elizabeth has a fear of getting something stuck up her nose. I don't know where that came from. She has never personally done it herself.

I looked at Mallory, who was standing by Elizabeth with a finger up her nose and a stunned look on her face. I picked her up and laid her on my lap to take a peek. Yep. There it was lodged in her right nostril. Mallory began crying, I think mostly because Elizabeth's spazing out scared her. She just laid against my chest as she finally calmed down. If I would try to look in her nose she immediately began crying again. Drew kept teasing Mal that he would come take it out which only upset her more.

So I wondered how in the world I would get it out. You can't really teach a one-year-old how to plug up the good nostril and launch that puppy out. And Edward was gone to a meeting, so I didn't have his help. I worried about the kernel getting stuck in her sinus cavity and causing an infection. And could it travel to and get lodged in her brain? Did this warrant a trip to the emergency room? Surprisingly with four children, we've never had one get an object stuck up his or her nose. About that time the phone rang. It was my sister-in-law, Katie, whose family was calling to wish Drew a happy birthday. I told her after they were done talking to Drew I needed to ask her a few questions. I knew she had some experience in the kid-sticking-objects-up-the-nose department. It's happened to her second child twice. So when I got back on the phone with her, she explained that yes, she had taken Sam to the doctor after he stuck a bead up his nose the first time. But the second time, he stuck a pill up there, and it just dissolved so she didn't have to take him in. She suggested that if we couldn't get it out, just to call the doctor to get her opinion.

I then (laughingly) called my sister who is a nurse, to get her opinion. She told me she stuck a bead up her nose in the third grade, and it never came out. She never told our Mom either. When I told Ross and Elizabeth, they thought that was amazing. Ross asked, "You mean it's still up there?!" Anyway, Andrea suggested I get a straw and try to suck it out. Hahahaha! Drew immediately ran and got a crazy straw.

About that time I decided that I needed another adult to help me hold her down. So I called Edward at his church meeting and asked him to come home. I'm not one of those wives that can't do anything or go any where without my husband, but I thought I better get his help so I didn't accidentally hurt her while trying extract the kernel from her nostril.

When he got home he held her down (as you can imagine, she was not too happy with us), Ross shined a flashlight up her nose, Drew was intently watching, and Elizabeth was sobbing uncontrollably while I came at Mallory with the straw. After two tries I realized that wasn't going to work. Edward released her for a minute while I went to go find tweezers. We put her back in the torture hold while I tried to work some magic with the tweezers. After three attempts, I realized that wasn't going to work either. So then I used the opposite, flat end and successfully flipped it out. Mallory immediately scrambled free from us and climbed up onto the couch for a little de-stressing and solitude. For the rest of the night, she would stick her finger up her nose and say, "All gone!"

And that, my friends, is how a crisis was averted at the Felker household.