Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This weekend we celebrated my Great-Grandma's 96th birthday! She is quite an amazing woman. Three years ago on Thanksgiving, she fell and broke her hip. We all thought that was probably going to be the end of her long life because not many almost 93 year-olds would survive that injury. She was home in time to celebrate Christmas that year. Since that time she has lived with her daughter (my great-aunt) during the week, but she insists she live at her own house (by herself) on the weekends. My mom (pictured above with Grandma Rowe) and the three siblings of hers that live in the area, take one Sunday a month as their "Grandma Day." Since we join my parents each Sunday for family dinners, we get to be with her on the first Sunday of each month. Mentally she's still pretty spry. Her hearing isn't so great, and she has to use a walker to get around, but she's one remarkable woman! She's out lived her husband by nearly 40 years and out lived her son (my Grandpa) by twenty years.

My uncle Butch (my mom's twin) flew in from Washington to surprise Grandma, and the rest of us. It was great to see him.

My mom & her siblings
Randy, Mom, Cathy, Butch, Cindy
Grandma and all of her Grandchildren
She also has 19 Great-Grandchildren and 22 Great-Great-Grandchildren (I think) with two more on the way.