Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let the Weirdness Begin

It appears Mallory is entering the weird dress-up phase. Now she is often found wearing whatever article of clothing the big kids have discarded onto the floor. She likes to wear socks on her hands the best. She could care less that the socks are sweaty from being worn to school all day. She also puts socks over the ones she's wearing. It's not uncommon for me to pull three pair off of her feet at once. I found out (after the fact) that Drew decided not to wear any underwear to school today because he thought the ones I picked out were too bulky under his pants. Mallory came to me with Drew's Hulk boxer briefs over her own pants, telling me, "Dewie's unnaware."

Notice the gloves have now been put on her feet.

So far she comes no where close to the charming get-ups Elizabeth use to wear. Classic. This one is my all-time favorite:

Fleece hat, mittens, swimming suit, and tap shoes.
She use to wear this one as she climbed the tree in front of our house.

Or how about this Christmas treat?
Batman mask and chest protector, leotard, tutu, princess socks, and again, tap shoes.
And then there's this jewel.
Wide-brimmed hat, dress, shin guards, and snow boots.

This could be an entertaining phase!

Meeting Baby Andrew

This weekend we were able to meet our nephew, Andrew, for the first time. He and Jan Ellen are in Missouri for two weeks, and this is the first we got to see him. What a sweet little/big guy! He is 4 months old, and Mallory is 21 months old. He only weighs three pounds less than her, thus earning the nickname, Baby Big. He's so snuggly! He let us all pass him around for two days.

I'm pretty sure he enjoyed meeting us too!