Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Call For Creativity

I'm looking for some decorating advice. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? My mom passed on this coffee table to me. Originally it had a window pane on top. But I broke out all of the glass because I knew a kid's foot was sure to go through it. I left the wooden grid in place. I bought some plexi glass to replace the glass. I stayed up pretty late one night scoring and snapping it to fit to size. I then used some adhesive on the underside of the grid and used clamps for the adhesive to dry overnight. The next morning, I thought it was all set to go and placed it in the living room. Basically Drew gave it a light little touch and the plexi glass fell right through. Nice. So, that left the exposed grid again. I had the intention of screwing the plexi glass in place, but before I could do so, Elizabeth informed me a few days later that she "accidentally" broke my table. It seems while I was outside playing with the other three, enjoying the house and TV all to herself, she sat down on the grid (like she was warned NOT to do) and busted it right through. Again, nice. I proceeded to screw the plexi glass to the underside of the frame, but I don't know what to display underneath. Any ideas? It is about 4 inches deep and about 2 feet by 2 feet.

*Excuse the sippy in the table. I don't really plan on displaying it in the case. Mallory just set it in there as soon as I opened the table. I'm sure that's not the first time this will happen. I fully expect to find Barbies and Ben 10 toys hanging out in there on occasion.