Monday, January 12, 2009

Cabbage Patch Kids

Ahh, Cabbage Patch Kids. I love them. When I think of them, I remember fondly the many days of playing house with Katie and Laura in our basements, and "driving" them around in Megan's mom's car. How I loved to collect them. I think I had seven in all during my house-playing days. My friend Jessie even got to tour the real Cabbage Patch Kid Nursery on a family vacation when she was younger. What a heavenly trip for a little girl!

Even today I still love to look at Cabbage Patch Kids' names when I am at the toy store. I think that is one of my favorite things about them - their fantastic names. I got my very first (and favorite) CPK for Christmas when I was six in 1984. She came to me during The Great Cabbage Patch Kid Frenzy all the way from Spain! Her name was Roofina Nanette. She had bright orange hair and lots of cute freckles. I still have her today, although I have handed her down to my girls. Some of my other CPK's names were Kelly Webber, Keith something, Nikki Avril, and I have forgotten the rest.

Elizabeth's CPK's names are Angelina Julie, Jadyn Emily, and Reece something. Which brings me to this cute little girl. Elizabeth found her in a children's resale shop and fell in love with her. She used her own money to adopt her. But because she isn't originally ours, we don't know her name. What do you think? What would be a good name for this little girl? In my mind, I call her LaFonda Loraine, but Elizabeth says no way. Any creative suggestions?