Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gator Boy

Ross has had an obsession with the University of Florida for sometime now. It has really come to a head this fall because of their successful football season. He takes after his dad in his love for college football. Edward has always been a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, and Ross has chosen the Gators as his team. He talks about them constantly. He even ribs his Mizzou and Kansas State friends (and teachers) at school. While he likes Mizzou (He HAS to! Mom and Dad graduated from there.), the Gators are his obsession.

This is an exciting week for the Gators, ranked #1 in one poll and #2 in another. Alabama is also ranked #1 in one poll and #2 in another. Florida and Alabama play each other Saturday. Ross has declared this Florida Gator Week. And in honor of this celebratory week, Ross has decided to only wear his Florida Gators shirts this week. Well, he owns three. He wore them Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Last night as he was laying out his clothes for school today, he laid out the shirt he had worn the day before. After a little protesting from me, I relented. What's the big deal in wearing the same shirts to school in the same week? I washed all three last night, so my concern was only in what others would think. We tell the kids all the time not to be concerned with what their peers think, so I kind of shot myself in the foot with that argument!

And Ross is my non-craft boy. Elizabeth and Drew craft and draw all the time, but Ross has never been one of those kids. But for his beloved Florida Gators, anything is possible! He snuck off before dinner on Tuesday to create this beautiful poster. He came out into the living room asking where he should put it, meaning where in the living room should he put it. I told him he should hang it in his room. He was a little disappointed that I wouldn't allow it to hang with the rest of the main living room decor.

UPDATE: I didn't check the facts before posting this. Oops. Ross let me know the Florida/Alabama game was last Saturday, and his beloved Gators were victorious. Now we wait for the bowl games to start. This is a long season!