Sunday, December 7, 2008

Big Ed and Little Ed

I forgot about some pictures we took last week when we were with family. We were able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner (thanks so much Sarah, Jessica, and Colton!) at my BIL and SIL's home in between shift changes at the hospital with Edward's mom. By the way, she came home from the hospital last night, which we are all so thankful for! Anyway, our brother-in-law, Jud tried to get his oldest son, Judson to challenge Edward to a pie eating contest. Judson didn't think he was up to the challenge, but his 7 year-old brother, also named Edward, showed him up. He is such a sweet, quiet, mild little guy, but he was SO serious about the task at hand. He kept his eyes on my Edward the entire time he was shoveling the chocolate pie into his mouth.

Thank goodness for brothers! Judson had little Edward's back as he snuck up behind Uncle Edward to give him a big Wet Willy as a form of distraction. And it definitely worked.

And here are three princesses that were in attendance: Katrina a.k.a. Little Belly Button Girl, Audrey a.k.a. Dorothy, and Kayley a.k.a. Snow White.

Funny little Ellie sat reading her book while wearing Mr. Potato Head glasses for a long time.