Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We love our humongous yard. However, we'd gladly trade it in about this time each year because of the million bazillion gajillion leaves. After two Saturdays of making leaf piles, we were all geared up to burn these. We called our fire department to let them know what we were doing, but they said they couldn't give us permission because it was suppose to be windy. We were quite bummed because there was no breeze whatsoever. We're going to try again this afternoon, and the kids are looking forward to it.
We could do what our tacky neighbor did Sunday. We watched in utter disbelief as he blew his yard full of leaves away from his house, out into the street, and INTO HIS TWO NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBORS' YARDS! He did it last year too, but at that time both houses were vacant. That takes a lot of nerve!