Thursday, November 20, 2008

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet.... It's Daddy!

One of the kids unearthed this forgotten Superman action hero recently. Every time Mallory sees it, she picks it up and shrieks, "DADDY!!!! DADDY!!!" I studied it closely and realized it did in fact look a lot like Daddy....
A LOT like Daddy!
These crazy pictures were taken last Christmas at our Felker gathering. Edward's sister Katie found this costume for a couple of dollars at an after Halloween sale and brought it to the reunion to see if anyone wanted it. We talked Edward into trying it on for us, and then his brother Andrew thought Edward shouldn't be the only one to have so much fun.
Then little sister Mary went to retrieve her Supergirl costume and lots of silliness ensued.
Those wild and crazy Felkers! You never know what to expect at one of our get togethers!

Misery Loves Company

These two are buddies.
Amigos, com padres, friends, companions.

One day this week, Drew did something naughty enough (kind of rare for him) to warrant him a time-out. I use the naughty mat (thanks for the idea, Super Nanny!) in the kitchen. I was preparing supper at the time. He was sitting quietly while serving his four minute sentence. I happened to peek over at him, and I found Mallory sitting just as quietly right there next to him. She was not moving, just like him. She normally is saying something and moving every waking minute. It cracked me up!