Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prizes and Teeth

I got a phone call from our dentist's office this morning telling me Drew's name had been drawn, and he'd won a stuffed animal. Every time we go the dentist's office, Elizabeth stuffs the box with our family's names. I figured we had a pretty good shot at winning a stuffed animal at one time or another. This was his lucky day. I know Elizabeth is going to be very disappointed it wasn't her, but Drew was sweet and said he would share it with all the kids. He had his choice between an elephant and a lion, and he chose this very cute, very soft, very GINORMOUS lion. Drew has named him "Tigey."
Mallory has been trying to carry it around since we brought it home. She's even been trying to make it slide but keeps getting very frustrated at its bulkiness.
This brings me to the fact that, while I'm very excited for Drew, I appreciate the dental office's generosity, and it is awfully cute, I'm wondering where in the world we're going to keep this. I just took three garbage bags full of junky, broken, or unplayed with toys out to the trash to make room for the plethora of Christmas toys that are about to invade our home. This big boy easily replaces the volume I just decreased.

And now on to a funny story about a tooth. Ross told me yesterday while I was making supper that he'd just gotten his tooth really loose. It was one of his back teeth that I had no idea was loose. He worked on it all evening, and by bedtime, one side was completely separated from his gums. I told him I could give it one hard yank, to which he replied, "NO! I can still feel it attached to the vein!" He went into the bathroom where he was looking in the mirror and messing with it more. About that time, I heard a sheepish, "Mom? I think I just swallowed my tooth." Sure enough there was a big space where his tooth had been. He said, "I was moving it around, and I looked down. I felt something in my mouth, and I must have swallowed. When I looked back, I looked at the wrong tooth. I guess I accidentally swallowed it." He seemed a bit worried, and Elizabeth and I began laughing hysterically. Why? It wasn't a tiny front baby tooth he swallowed. He swallowed a big honkin' molar! Funny! I had trouble swallowing a tiny pill the other day without gagging, and he didn't realize he'd swallowed his molar! He hoped the tooth fairy would come anyway, and I assured him that she probably has these things happen from time to time.

After he was put back to bed, Elizabeth said, "I want to lose another tooth!" Oh, that girl is very motivated by money.