Thursday, October 30, 2008

And now I'm done making costumes. Whew!

Caveman Edward, or Edtar as Spongebob would call him
My favorite is the unibrow!
Little Bo Peep (and her cute little sheep)
Nightgown & House dress: $.80 at the thrift store.
Staff: Candy cane glued to a dowel rod and spray painted - $1.50
Embarrassing Elizabeth: Priceless

For whatever reason we've hit the stage of Mom's-the-most-embarrassing-thing-to-walk-the-planet stage. Even when I'm not even trying to I usually embarrass her. When she found my completed costume, she ran and hid my hat, telling me that I would NOT be wearing the costume. She wasn't doing this in a cute and playful way. Oh, no. She was mad. Later in the evening as we were driving to the church party, I mentioned that Drew, Mallory,and I would be dressing up to come to the big kids' school parties. I was teasing of course, but Elizabeth literally started crying, begging me not to come at all then. Oh, we're in for some fun times!

Happy Halloween from the Felkers!

Random Thoughts

1. Did you know candy can speak? No matter how hard I try not to hear it when I walk by, I cannot resist it's taunting, "Come on. Just take one." I'm too old to deal with peer pressure. I know I'll soon be finding those three pounds I lost last week due to being a little sick.

2. Mallory can't resist the candy speaking to her either. She's eating some Smartees for breakfast right now.

3. There is a radio station in St. Louis that is already playing Christmas music 24-7. They started at the beginning of October. Forget the 12 days of Christmas. We're talking 12 weeks!

4. I haven't seen my arch enemy, the evil yucca plant, in well over a month! My wonderful husband dug a hole to China in attempt to remove the root system.

5. My friend, Briana, has returned to Malawi to volunteer for a month working with AIDS/HIV babies. She spent two months there last fall. She is an example of service to me.