Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday Drew's preschool took a field trip to an amazing horse stable/arena/training center. It's magnificence is hard to describe. There is one HUGE and beautiful arena/stable, and there are three other smaller stables (still pretty huge) on the property. The staff was so good to the kids! They played some games,
did some crafts,

got up close and personal with lots of horses,
fed them carrots,
and of course got to ride them. Drew, my VERY cautious child, told me for days and days before hand that he would not be riding any horses. Even after seeing his friends safely and slowly riding the big horse, he still didn't think he wanted to give it a try....Until they brought out the miniature horse. I talked him in to getting on, and he had a blast.
He was even brave enough to ride the big horse and loved that even more!
Mallory got to ride the miniature pony too, but my blasted camera stopped working. She was so funny up there. She put her helmet on and sat motionless on the pony's back. I was making a big deal about her being such a big girl up there, and she wouldn't even crack a smile. She was VERY SERIOUS about riding that horse. The second she was off she was smiling and talking all about it.