Sunday, September 14, 2008

I {Heart} Peeping Toms

A while back I added a Traffic Feed to the bottom of my blog because I was curious as to who (other than a few loyal friends/family that leave comments - thanks guys!) was reading it. While I don't know exactly who everyone is just by reading their locations I usually have a guess as to who some long lost acquaintances might be. I can also figure out who some might be because the Live Traffic Feed tells me how someone got to my blog.

It's funny because the first time I came across a Traffic Feed on some stranger's blog, I felt like I was caught doing something I shouldn't. I thought, "Oh no! These people know a lurker is reading this!" It was weird! But in thinking about it further, I am perfectly happy when someone I don't know comes upon my blog. I feel pretty safe with what I put on it. I try not to put anything on it that makes my family's exact location known. The whole reason I started this blog was to share pictures and stories about what is going on in our family's lives with our far-away family and friends. If some stranger is interested enough to read about our crazy happenings, great!

Tonight, as I looked through the Live Feed, I made two observations:
1. I don't know world geography so well! Sure, I know where most countries are of the people that read this, but I've never heard of some of their towns/cities.
2. If I want more people to come to the blog, I need to include a famous person's name in a post. I've had quite a few people google the name "Maura Tierney" (I made mention of her name in the previous Monkey post), and they've come to my blog. I found it interesting that people came to my blog by googling her name rather than two more well-known actors I mentioned, Denzel & Jim Carrey.

On perhaps my favorite stranger blog that I visit daily, Dawn often posts about strange and sometimes weird things people google that get them to her blog. That's one of my next things to figure out how to do because I'm just nosy. :)

P.S. How do you end a senctence when you want to put one of these----> :) little guys in? Do you end it with punctuation, or is that your punctuation? What exactly is :) etiquette? :{o

5 Little Monkeys

Friday night our local Parents As Teachers organization hosted a Diego party. They had different stations set up, all related to a Diego theme (vest decorating, painting a clubhouse, animal games, live kittens and puppies, and someone dressed as Diego). But the most popular attraction by far was the 3 month-old chimpanzee. You can't even imagine how cute she was!!!!

She was so tiny and adorable!!! I'm guessing she was about 8 pounds. The woman who brought her to the party owns about 8 chimps (and other anminals) and has had many others over the years. She and her husband operate a rescue. Many of the chimps they have had over the years are ex-animal actors. She had a photo album of some of the actors her animals have worked with over the years. She had pictures of Denzel Washington (I don't know what movie he was in with a chimp), Jim Carey dressed in full Ace Ventura costume, John Leguazamo and Maura Tierney from an ER episode, and there were a few others.
These people travel to people's houses for "Chimparties." For a mere $150, they will bring a chimp to your party for 30 minutes for up to 10 people. For $200, up to 8 people can go to their ranch for an hour. It sounds like an astronomical amount, but if you think about it, the money they charge goes toward the care and upkeep for their animals and ranch.
This baby chimp (Makayla) clung on to her human Momma, kissed her on the lips, and snuggled with her just as a human baby would. You could tell she was a bit timid of all the strangers, just as a human baby would be. She had her own security blankie, and travelled around in her own car seat.
Mallory was so funny with her! After waiting in the HUGE line, Edward set her down on the table right next to the chimp. The chimp was sitting very still, and Mallory put her arm around her, I guess thinking it was a stuffed animal. When she moved to look up at Mallory, she just just about soiled herself. It was too funny!