Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mmmm. What's for lunch?

Yesterday Drew came to me to tell me he was making his "world famous cheese taco." In my mind I was thinking, "Not another mess to clean up!" But I allowed the chef to work his magic because sometimes I tend to do a bit too much for my kids just so I can avoid unnecessary messes. I just stayed out of the kitchen so as not to see his creation take shape. Bad idea. I got busy doing something else, when a few minutes later Drew came to me and said something about it burning at the exact same time I smelled something burning. I ran into the kitchen to find smoke pouring from every crack in the microwave. The time was at 12:00, so I have no idea what he set the time at. Maybe 17 minutes? Apparently Chef Drew knows how to make the world famous cheese tacos, but his lovely assistant, Elizabeth, usually controls the microwave.

I now have see-through "china." And my house smells like an ash tray.