Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Funny things I've heard recently

Saturday night Edward and I took Ross and Elizabeth to another Cardinal's game. As we were walking to the stadium, I smelled yucky sewer gas and said, "Eww. Something stinks!" Elizabeth said rather seriously, "It could be a homeless person, Mom." (The kids have a fascination with hobos.)

And, as we got up to the stadium, there was a wedding party posing for pictures on a walk-way connecting the parking garage to the stadium that was above the street. Obviously, the bride and groom wanted Busch Stadium in their background. Elizabeth asked, "What's going on?" I replied, "Someone got married." She asked, "On a HIGHWAY?!!??!!"

And then on Sunday, we were making the rounds visiting some of our grandparents for Grandparent's Day. The kids enjoyed picking apples from my grandma's big apple tree in her front yard. Yesterday, as Drew and I ate an apple for our snack, he said, "Grandma Wright makes really good homemade apples."

Yesterday, Ross said to me, "You know Mom, I've become more popular since Mallory has been born." Yes, son. Now you see why babies are also known as "Chick Magnets."