Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was spent visiting with not-seen-often-enough family. We got to go to a fun birthday party for my cousin's little girl, Ellie on Saturday. She got quite the haul, and all the little girls in attendance were rather envious, to say the least! Thanks Kate & Jason! It was fun!

We moved westward to visit Edward's mom & her husband in Jefferson City, where we spent the rest of the weekend. His brother's family from Columbia, and his oldest sister's family from Kansas City were kind enough to make the effort to meet up with us there. We had a great time BBQ-ing and just visiting for the weekend. And of course, everyone gathered around the TV Saturday night to watch the big Mizzou/Illinois game. We pretty much didn't have any interaction with our oldest three kids the entire weekend because they were playing with their cousins the whole time. Jani & Papa Otto's pool table and backyard were in use non-stop from Saturday to Monday.

Sunday was spent at church, and of course there was more visiting and playing afterward. I have to share a funny story about our church experience. When we got there that morning, I settled into our seats in the back while Edward took the older three to the bathroom and drinking fountain before we got started. Other people were finding their seats and visiting with each other in the chapel. At the very front of the room I spied an older woman, probably in her 80's with short white hair. Just about that time, Mallory starts shouting, "Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!" I looked at her eyes to see where she was looking, and she was watching that same woman. Mallory watched her make her way all around the room, never taking her eyes off her and saying, "Grandma! Grandma!" over and over. As the woman passed by us, "You must look familiar to her!" The woman was indeed a sweet, animated grandmotherly type who took the time to talk to Mal and play with her. She told me many children call her Grandma when they see her - she just has "that look" I guess! Anyway, we saw her several more times through out the morning, and every time we saw her, Mallory had the same response. I suppose she thought she looked like my Grandma, although the resemblance was very slight in my eyes. After church, we waited in the foyer for our large group to reconvene when the sweet lady, Sister Herndon, walked toward us again. Once more, Mallory began shouting, "Grandma!" She stopped to speak with us again for several minutes before heading toward the door. Mallory called out, "Bye Grandma!"

Monday we headed over to our beloved Columbia where we went to Rock Bridge State Park to visit the famous cave - Devil's Icebox. The park is great, but Devil's Icebox is definitely the draw. As you descend about 50 steps toward the cave, you feel the air get cooler and crisper with each step. I think it is about 65 degrees down there year round (it seems like I heard that once, but I could be wrong). Anyway, we had a fun time exploring the cave entrance, climbing on rocks, and splashing in the cold water. After we left, we stopped off to get ice cream before parting ways. Thanks Felkers, Hildebrands, and Carles for a fun weekend!

Bathing Beauties - Mallory & Katrina

The whole gang minus Jani & Papa Otto (I think they decided to stay home and nap and enjoy a quiet home!) & Uncle Andrew (studying at law school)