Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not So Great Clips

I am a bargain queen. I love the thrill of the victory when I know I've saved money. Even though I have found a hairstylist that I really love (I enjoy her even more because she just charges $12 for a cut!!), I had a $5 off coupon to Great Clips that was burning a hole in my pocket. Normally, I'm comfortable going there if I just need a trim. For a new style or a shorter cut I usually go somewhere else.

Today I decided to take advantage of my niece's babysitting services before she goes back to school. I made a quick dash to Great Clips while Mallory napped. I got right in and told the "beautician" that I just wanted a little trim. Apparently, that translated to "cut off two inches and do whatever you want." She literally was done in 10 minutes. My left side had layers while my right didn't appear to have any. She started to blow dry my hair when I spoke up and said, "Um. This side looks quite a bit longer than the other side." She took out the scissors again and barely cut anything. I spoke up again and said it still looked longer. I part my hair on the side and she told me, "It's really because of the side part. When I pull both sides down, they look even." In my brain I was saying, "That's fine and dandy, but I don't go walking around in public pulling both sides down now do I!" She picked up the scissors and started cutting some more. I was terrified because she made way shorter layers than I wanted. They were about an inch shorter on my right side." I had to tell her three times to please trim my bangs. She snipped the scissors, but I don't think any hair ever fell down. She would ask, "How is that?" After the third time I just said, "That will work" all the while knowing I would cut my own bangs when I got home.

I feel like I'm walking around with a helmet. I hate the back the most. I wanted to keep it slightly stacked. There is NO shape at all - just a straight, blunt cut with one shorter layer. Ugh!

After I got home, Ross commented that my hair looked longer on one side. Ahhh! I hadn't even mentioned that to him! For a nine year old boy to mention it, it must be pretty obvious. Then later tonight, as I was bathing Mallory, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I said, "I HATE MY HAIR!!" Drew, not to go against the grain, said, "I hate your hair, too, Mommy."
After MUCH work (and hairspray) tonight, I'm feeling a bit better. This short of hair shouldn't have to take so long to make it look decent. I'm worried I'll find myself in the black of Glamour magazine as their "Don't."

It doesn't look as bad in this picture as I think it is. I will let it grow out for about a month before I go back to get it fixed. Remind me not to use my Great Clips coupons again!