Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Again!

Yesterday I thought I'd tackle cleaning these windows on the south side of our house:
Hefty undertaking, I know. With this house we still have SO MANY PROJECTS! Anyway, as I set about getting my work done, Drew and Mallory accompanied me outside to "assisst." I had the water hose turned on very slightly to rinse away the cleaning product. All started off well enough, until Drew began making an "experiment" with the hose. We don't have so much luck with the hose (anyone remember this episode?).
Anyway, before long Mallory began slipping and sliding in the mud, before finally getting a little assistance from Good Ole' Elizabeth.

You should have seen the mud left over in the bath tub.
P.S. School starts 5 weeks from today! Not that I'm counting or anything.