Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthdays!

Yesterday we celebrated my Mom's and Ross' birthdays. As my Aunt Cathy says, my Mom turned "plenty-nine" and also celebrated her 35th wedding anniversary on June 18th. She got to spend her very special day at Girls Camp with the teenage girls from church.

Ross turns 9 on Saturday. He's one lucky kid to spend his birthday in Orlando! I asked him if he wanted me to pack his gift for him to open on his actual birthday or open it before we leave. Of course he said he wants to open it before we leave!

I'm lucky to have these two awesome people in my life!

Feeling crafty

It's not often that I take time anymore to sew/craft etc. I've rediscovered my abilities after I recently went into a children's boutique, and upon seeing way too big of price tags, determined I could make just as cute of outfits for the kids for way less money.

Mallory was given a darling onesie when she was born from our dear Cousin Carrie. It is monogrammed with an "M" and has cute little pink rhinestones. I couldn't bear to pack this one up after she has outgrown it, so I was able to re-purpose it into a cute little dress. I am mostly pleased with how it turned out!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about some darling hairbows I found online and wanted to try to make. Here is my attempt: