Thursday, June 19, 2008

Universal Studios, here we come!

We are starting to get organized and pack up for our trip to Orlando next week. Edward qualified for this trip at work (American Family Insurance). Since we just went to Disney World about a year and a half ago, we don't plan to go all out for this vacation. We plan on going to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure for several days. Other than that, we'll be hanging out at our resort. It looks like we'll have plenty to do there. We're pretty excited.
I hope none of our days at the parks turn out like this:
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This picture reminds me of our first trip to Disney World when Ross was 4, Elizabeth was 2, and I was 5 months pregnant with Drew. I was excited to take everyone on Splash Mountain.
As you can see, Elizabeth LOVED it, riding down the 10-story drop with her arms in the air. Ross had the living daylights scared out of him. My wonderful husband is NOT a roller coaster rider but was a good sport nonetheless. Edward kept his lips tightly shut so as not to 1.) scream like a 6 year old girl and 2.) toss his cookies.
Believe it or not, I talked Edward and Ross into going back on Splash Mountain when we went three years later. This time, I had a new victim, er, I mean participant in Drew. As you can see, he has the Grip of Death on me. Ross seemed to enjoy himself a little more this time, and Edward appeared to have fun. I think that smile isn't so genuine, but at least he rode it again. Elizabeth still had a blast, as did my neice Mary Catherine in the back. My Dad had to ride in the front in order to get the best view of everyone.
Stay tuned to see what rides I drag everyone on this time!