Sunday, June 8, 2008

Parading Around

This weekend was our community's annual celebration/carnival/festival. Let me tell you, it is a BIG EVENT in "this here neck of the woods." There are carnival rides, concerts, and a parade. Because of the, um how shall I say it, icky people that come out of the woodwork for this celebration, we told the kids we would only be attending the parade. We explained that since we are taking not one, but two big vacations this summer, we would forgo the amusement rides and save our money for our vacations (that and because of all of the dandy's that flock to our city).
The parade was LONG!!! We met my parents there, along with my Aunt Cathy, Uncle Steve, and cousins Katie, Jason, and their darling little Ellie. We always choose the shady spot at the beginning of the parade route. We do this for two reasons: 1. The wonderful shade from the June sun and 2. The parade participants load the kids up with their full bags of candy. It's a win-win!
These are a couple of the sights in the parade. Note the red utility truck below. It's contribution as far as decorations go is a lone yellow balloon duct taped to it's side. Way to go all out, fellas!

Batman & Robin

Best buddies/cousins/super heroes crusading to save the planet from evil!