Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My new crafting obsession

I used to craft a lot - before I had four children! I still enjoy seeing other peoples' creations, I just don't have the time for it. I can sew, but my attempts are quite mediocre. I've been quite inspired by other peoples' crafting blogs lately (my friend, Emily's -www.creativechicksatplay.blogspot.com and another lady's I've happened upon - www.theskyispink.blogspot.com). While I'm no where near their caliber, I've decided I want to get going on some projects of my own. I also recently went into a children's boutique and determined I could make some of the darling outfits I saw and get by without paying the $50 to $100 price tags. I'm driven by bargains!

I make hair bows for my girls and for gifts for others. That's the extent of my crafting these days. I have come upon quite possibly the cutest hair clips ever! They are technically called "ribbon sculptures." Take a peek:




How amazing are these!!!! My goal is to get these made before our trip to Orlando in three weeks. While technically we won't be going to Disney World ( I found a t00-good-to-pass-up-deal through Universal Studios - we'll be going there!) we have several parties/dinners to go to, and I hope to have them done so the girls can wear them there. I bought the ribbons today, so stay tuned for pictures of my attempts!