Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mary & Tyson's Wedding

We had a wonderful weekend of fun & family for Mary Caroline's wedding. We started off with a week of excitement when the Sanders from Florida made a pit stop at our place on their way to Columbia/Jefferson City to help with the festivities. We got to have Sterling with us from Wednesday morning until Saturday morning when we met up for the wedding.
Then Friday night, the Realls from Chicago got to see Ross' baseball game and spent the night with us. We all met up at the St. Louis temple where Mary and Tyson got married. It was a beautiful, sweet, simple ceremony. The nieces and nephews were so excited to see "Princess Mary" and to see each other. After a big, noisy lunch at the Spaghetti Factory we caravaned to Columbia for the fun reception. It was a night of lots of dancing, visiting, and laughter at the great party.
Sunday morning, the majority of us converged on an unsuspecting church. Imagine the surprise of about 30 new faces in the congregation! Luckily for them, we didn't stay and send our children to their Primary (children's church service)!
After church, Andrew and Sarah were gracious to host a lunch at their cute house.
We left Sunday evening, with the Sanders following us for another pit stop before heading back home to Florida Monday morning.
We love our time with our family! Because we are all so spread out and our visits are so few and far between, we have such joyous reunions! This must be what heaven will be like!

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