Monday, May 5, 2008

Words of Wisdom

I have a new admiration for plumbers. I don't think they make nearly enough money. In fact I think they should make more than SHAQ, A Rod, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. combined. What has led me to this new respect, you ask? Three words: RAW SEWAGE BACKUP. Yes, that is how we spent a fun-filled Saturday. Good times, good times.

The girls and I were out shopping when I received a frantic call from Edward telling me to come right home. I had visions of Ross breading his leg on the trampoline or Drew needing stitches from a fall. Edward then informed me we had sewer water coming up from the drains in our basement. "Oh joy of joys."

I came into a stinky house to find Edward in the basement moving things around as fast as he could. He would occasionally get splashed in the face as the item he had just thrown caused back splash. I tried my hardest not to laugh (see earlier "Trampoline Trauma" post). Is it terrible that one of my first thoughts was, "Oh man. I've gotta get the camera so I can post about this on my blog"? Anyway, the grody sludge had gotten to my pile of things for another yard sale. Oh well. I wasn't too upset about that. It was also around all my stored kids clothes. Thankfully, they were stored in plastic bins and were fine. After everything was removed for the danger zone, I donned my plastic gloves and got to work with the Wet Vac, sucking up all the nastiness.

A plumber was called and the problem was discovered. And here's the story: All last week we were hard at work landscaping - planting flowers and shrubs, pulling weeds, chopping roots, mulching, the works. One day while Edward was still at work, I pulled up an old shrub and exposed this pipe:
It had a half-cracked cap that Elizabeth accidentally stepped on and completely broke. So,what's a kid to do when finding an open pipe? Why drop rocks and sticks down it of course! Drew and Elizabeth took turns dropping rocks to clear out the spider webs. It made for some cool sounds as they "thunked" at the bottom. Okay, okay. I took a couple of turns too. I'd be lying if I said I didn't. What? It was pretty fun! Little did I know the trouble we were causing.

It turns out, that pipe has something to do with the plumbing at our house. Hmm. How about that? So, apparently, those rocks and sticks were all getting lodged in our system, clogging it up, thus causing the sewage problem in the basement. I guess I'll know next time.

So my advice for the day is don't let your kids (alright, alright - or yourself) drop rocks and sticks into a pipe they don't know where it leads or you could end up shelling out 100 bucks to a plumber and have to deal with the gross clean-up yourself.

P.S. The plumber tried pulling out what he could, but there are pieces that were too big to get out. He told us until we can get those out, it will probably happen again. I guess it serves me right!

The "Real" Circus

On Friday, Drew and I accompanied Ross' class to the Moolah Shrine Circus that came to the St. Louis area. We couldn't pass up the opportunity. We've been to this circus two other times, and it is very good for the price (I only had to pay $12 for both Drew and me). We had a great time.

As I was watching, I couldn't help but wonder about getting a job in a traveling circus. How does one hear about a job opening in a circus? Clown school? Gymnastics lessons? The Tiger Training Association? And what qualifications must one possess to apply for a job? "Applicant must be willing to walk the Ring of Destiny blindfolded, and must also be willing to toss Hula Hoop Girl her rings." Who knows.

Here are a couple of pictures. My camera is pretty cheap, so it didn't perform well under the Big Top.

Ross was absolutely appalled and embarrassed for this man because of the the purple and silver la may unitard he had to wear.
Elephant rides
Elephant performance
It's hard to tell but these were the tigers. The second and third graders' favorite part of this act when one of the tigers went to the bathroom in the middle of the performance. They laughed and giggled for what seemed like two minutes.
The acrobats are always impressive. Dylan, this picture doesn't really show it, but I'm pretty sure this was the same acrobat you saw at a circus a few years ago :) I tried to go back on your blog and link it here, but I'm not that good.
Thanks, Dylan, for the link. Loyal readers, see for yourselves. I believe it was the same acrobat:

The (Preschool) Circus Has Come To Town

Drew's preschool performed a circus for the parents last Thursday. Drew has been telling me for a few weeks he wanted to be a bear. I kept putting off coming up with a simple costume, thinking I had plenty of time. Well, of course I forgot about it until he reminded me Wednesday night. Darn it! So after much convincing, we talked him into being a ferocious lion (an old Halloween costume).
Surprisingly, he was the loudest "snack seller" of all the kids there. They sold treats for "one money". We racked in the treats!

These are all the "animals" in their cage.
This is Drew's best buddy, the Strong Man.
Listen to that ferocious ROAR!
Whew! He made it through the Ring of Fire!

Elizabeth's New 'Do

Elizabeth got her hair cut last week in a darling new bob. We love it! She had the goal of growing it out for Locks of Love, but the tangles just got to be too much for the both of us. In fact, the hair dresser pulled out a ruler and said to her, "You've worked so hard to grow it out. You only have about 4 more inches before you can donate it. Are you sure you want to do this? You won't be able to put it in a ponytail." I was screaming in my head, "DON'T TRY TO TALK HER OUT OF THIS!!! THIS WILL MAKE LIFE SO MUCH EASIER IN THE MORNINGS BEFORE SCHOOL! AAAAAGGGGHHH!" Luckily Elizabeth didn't change her mind.

She was tired of me being too rough each day, and I was tired of it looking so raggedy. I was a bit surprised when she agreed to the cut, and I was worried she was going to dislike it (this is my child that really struggles with change). Thankfully, she loves it. I love it too, and I especially love how easy it is to take care of. In fact, it has inspired me to cut mine shorter. Stay tuned as I have a hair appointment tomorrow!