Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ridin' Around In My Automobile...

...My Baby Beside Me At The Wheel.

After a long (too long) hiatus caused by a dead (very expensive to replace) battery, the old truck has been dusted off and brought out for two more cuties to enjoy. Grandma Jani bid on and won this truck for Ross at a charity auction when he was just two years old. He used to drive baby Elizabeth around in it for hours. Now, another little big brother is taking his baby sister/girlfriend out for hours at a time. It's so fun to watch them. We have the perfect driveway and yard for this toy.

Birthday Girl

Sunday we celebrated Mallory's birthday with my parents, my sister's family, my Grandma Wright, & Aunt Cathy & Uncle Steve. We don't do as much, sadly, as we did for the other kids' first birthdays. It was fun anyway!
She didn't quite know what to think when we started singing to her and Mary Catherine brought out the cupcake.

"Yay! Birthday cake!"

Mallory is a tiny little thing. At her appointment today, she weighed 18 lbs. 10 oz (5-10 percentile) and is 29 1/2 inches (50-75 percentile).
She's a little jabber jaw and can say (or at least she means to say): Mama, Dada, light, cat, bye-bye, no-no, hi, hello, kids, uh-oh, ow, baby, ball. She also signs more, drink, and please.
She continues to be the favorite person in the house. She brings such joy and happiness to our family. We're glad she's here!

Smarty Pants

I don't want this post to sound boastful or like I'm bragging, but I did want to share some exciting news about Elizabeth. About a month ago her teacher wrote me a note telling me she was recommending Elizabeth for our school district's gifted program. She asked our permission to have her tested. The children have to score a certain percentage to be accepted into the program. I thought it was just exciting to have been recommended. We got word last week that she has been accepted into the program! We are so happy for her! She was very excited. We later found out that only six first graders in our town have made it into this program. That's quite an accomplishment!

She will go every Tuesday morning to the school and will then be bussed over to her regular school in the afternoons. For those of you who know I don't allow my kids to ride a school bus (I'm an overprotective Mom, I know), only the six first graders that are in the program will be on the bus, being taken to their regular schools. I'm okay with that.

Today was her first day so I'm anxious to hear how it went! Elizabeth, the outgoing young lady that she is, is a VERY BIG worrier. I think she gets that from her Aunt Katie ;) She worries about everything that is out of her control. Even though she was excited to start today, she was quite nervous. She even knows four of the other kids that will be in her class, but she was still apprehensive. Once we got there this morning and she saw the other kids, she seemed right at home. I know she'll have a great time!