Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Man's Trash...

With spring comes the fun job of spring cleaning. During the first week of April our city provides a free junk pick-up of anything two men can carry. At about ten o'clock at night we set out our kids' destroyed "clubhouse" (the gargantuan box that my mom & dad's 73 inch flat screen TV came in), their broken picnic table(notice a pattern here?), an old unused sand box, and an old, faded, mildewed scarecrow with a severed head.

We noticed a truck pulling a trailer drive past several times as we made trips back and forth to get our junk. We were so surprised the next morning to see the only thing left at our curb was the cardboard box. What could someone possibly do with a mildewed, decapitated scarecrow!? Some people live for city wide trash pick-up week. This whole week I've seen people driving around with trailers mounded high with junk. It's pretty crazy.

My dad has a friend that used to set things out at his curb just to see what people were willing to take for free. The funniest thing was a BOX OF SAWDUST! He set a box out at his curb, and stuck a sign on that said "FREE." The next morning it was gone. What's one man's trash is another's treasure, that's for sure!