Saturday, March 29, 2008

Farewell, Shadow!

Well, we've said a quick "HELLO" and "GOODBYE" to our cute, furry friend, Shadow. Don't worry, she's still alive and well! After all the stinkiness and accidents, and my aggravated allergies, we've passed Shadow along to a new family. We met up today and made the trade-off. My house smells better already!

We've kind of been kicking the idea around for a few days. One night this week at dinner, we took a vote. Elizabeth was the lone holdout, but after Shadow filled her litter box and the aroma filled the kitchen area, Elizabeth was finally on board.

So at 11:00 Thursday night I posted the info on, and we had two people who wanted her by the time I checked my e-mail at 8:00 a.m. the next day. We made arrangements to meet up this afternoon so the kids would have time to say "goodbye."

I told Drew yesterday morning, and he smiled great big and started clapping. I told Ross & Elizabeth when I picked them up from school. Elizabeth immediately began sobbing. She said she never agreed to it. When I reminded her of her vote, she said she only told us maybe. She was in tears throughout the evening. That part is the hard part for us. We hate that her heart is so broken. Eventually last night, Drew came in and said, "I changed my mind. I really don't want Shadow to go." He then worked up some tears as well. Ross is completely fine with the decision. His vote was solidified even more when Shadow pooped in his game room about 10 minutes after we got home last night. I guess she had to give us one more for the road!