Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Our family gathering over the weekend was certainly a bittersweet one. Edward's Grandpa John Sargent passed away last week at the age of 86. He lived a long, mostly healthy life that was filled with serving others. He served his country as a young man, served his community as a respected physician, and served the Lord in many ways. He and Grandma Edna served a medical mission to Mexico City shortly after his retirement about eleven years ago. This amazing family lost its patriarch. I'm so thankful that I know his family can be just as amazing in eternity as it has been here on Earth. Grandpa Sargent was buried to the left of Ed, Edward's father. On the right of Ed is baby Kathryn's grave.
It's sad to see our loved ones' sad. My heart was sad for Grandma Sargent. She has always said she wanted to be the one who goes first, so as not to be left behind. I thought she seemed to be coping pretty well.
That was the bitter part. The sweet part was seeing our family that we don't get to see very often. It was so exciting to see the Sanders, whom we haven't seen since August. It was also wonderful to see some of Edward's aunts & uncles that we haven't seen in years! One uncle we hadn't seen in 9 years!
I can't help but think that's just a glimpse of what it will be like as we see our loved ones on the other side of heaven. Our joyous reunions will be so sweet!
This is just Edward's family - all 34 of us! A family photo was taken of the entire Sargent family, but I don't have a copy of that yet. We literally took up the entire middle section of the chapel.

Mallory and Katrina get reacquainted.

Mallory, Audrey, and Aubrey

Reunited And It Feels So Good...

Oh, Drew & Sterling. Their bond is indescribable. Even though they're separated by about five states, their love and friendship picks up the second they see each other. There is no warming up to each other. It is immediate. They pick up right where they left off the last time. Cousins and buddies squabble, but not these two. They are the yen to the other's yang.
During the funeral service, I overheard Drew tell Sterling, "I wish you didn't live in Florida. Maybe your dad could get another job." I feel the same way too, Drew. ;)
It was absolutely heartbreaking when we told them it was time to leave. They got the saddest looks on their faces, then hugged and loved on each other. Drew turned to me very sad. Sterling walked to his dad. John picked him up, and he buried his face in his shoulder and sobbed. Ouch! Then as John was carrying Sterling, and I was carrying Drew, they began reaching for each other.
The two months until they see each other at Mary's wedding is like an eternity to them. We might as well explain to them it will be twenty years until they meet again. Jan Ellen and I even talked about if it was just two weeks, maybe even a month, they could stay together at one of our houses. Two months, though is a bit too long for four year olds to be away from their families. If we could all be so lucky to have a Sterling/Drew relationship!

Elizabeth's birthday party

Thank goodness Elizabeth's birthday was so close to Easter this year. It certainly made planning her party a lot easier! She wanted to have an Easter Egg hunt! EASY! The girls had a bunch of fun doing it. We have a great yard(s) for an egg hunt.

"Funny Scott" as Drew calls him, went out of his way to entertain the boys during the party. ;)

Once inside we played some games. This was one where the girls (and Drew) had a dress-up race. They looked so lovely!
These are the easy bunny cupcakes Elizabeth picked out. They are made from big & small marshmallows, colored sugar, and jelly beans. Thanks Family Fun Magazine! You always suggest such cute, easy ideas!


It's official.... She's a Felker. Chocolate makes her happy.
Also, when she takes a bite of something she particularly enjoys, she goes, "Mmmmmm." Her first time doing that was after eating Krispy Kremes. Can you blame her?