Sunday, March 16, 2008

District Wrestling

Finally, I've found time to post! After a very crazy couple of weeks, I'm back. I've been busy with planning a birthday party, postponing said party due to the death of Edward's Grandpa, remodeling a bathroom, having the party two days EARLIER than originally planned, traveling to Sikeston for the funeral, caring for a sick baby, feeling sick myself, etc.... I hope things can slow down a bit this week!

Last weekend was Ross' last wrestling tournament for this year. He took part in the district tournament in the St. Louis area. He got manhandled his first match. I don't remember the score. He was doing awesome his second match, and was winning all the way through. Then in the last period, he made a wrong move and the other boy took advantage and pinned him. It was a double elimination tournament so he was out. He was devastated. One of the reasons wrestling is NOT my favorite sport is seeing how crushed most little guys are when the lose. Ross' record this year was 5-0 going into this tournament, so he was so disappointed in his losses that day. He's already started his baseball season. Off to the next sport....

In between Ross' matches he shared his MP3 player with the kids to kill some time.

It's pretty fun to take a busy 10 month old to a crowded tournament for about 4 hours. Not really. Luckily, she slept for a while in between the bleacher seats.

So, it makes a mom feel very comfortable to see not one, but two boys being taken to the hospital on a stretcher for possible neck injuries during the tournament her son is wrestling in. Two boys (one in the 12 year old division & one in the 8 year old division - Ross' division) were taken out on stretchers just about 10 minutes apart from each other. I was sick at my stomach upon seeing this. Edward keeps trying to find out how these boys are doing, but he's been unsuccessful. Scary!