Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good old snow days

So, including weekends, our kids will have been out of school for 10 days when they go back on Tuesday. Man, that's like Christmas break all over! School was cancelled last Monday because of the impending ice storm. We woke up to brown, dead grass. No snow. No ice. I thought, "This thing had better come to fruition." It did. After the storm passed, we ended up with about 4 inches of ice pellets. Let me tell you, that makes for some AWESOME sledding! The first day, Edward came home early to play in the snow/ice with the kids. Oops. I mean, he closed his office early because the weather was so bad. Yep. That's the story. They next day he was thoughtful enough to come home early to stay in with Mallory and cook supper so I could go out and play. Fun! Good times, good times. So by Friday of this week, I was ready for the kids to go back. They still get tomorrow off because of President's Day. Yippee. Oh well. - one more day to sleep in! To all of you Southern beach bums - you're really missing out!

Happy Easter, Drew

I think this is the CUTEST little Easter outfit! Don't all of you mommy's agree? The daddy's - probably not.

I bought this adorable outfit for Drew two years ago when he was just 2 years old. Edward immediately began making fun of it (out of Drew's earshot) when I showed him. He's pretty good at being supportive of what I dress the kids in, but he really thought this one was too girly. I stood my ground because Drew was still a baby at the time.

Fast forward to Easter morning when I pulled this outfit out for Drew to wear to church after we assessed what the Easter Bunny delivered to us. As baby Drew was playing with his Easter basket I told him it was time to get dressed. He softly told me, "No. That's for girls." I said, "WHAT?" He said again, "That's for girls." Edward was laughing hysterically! I asked him, "Have you been telling him those are girl clothes?" As he laughed more he said, "NOOOO! He came to that conclusion all on his own!" We were rolling that this little bitty boy already had a sense of masculinity when it comes to fashion. As I pressed the issue a bit more to Drew he began to cry about wearing it. Edward was all too ready to help him find something else to wear.

Last year I pulled the outfit out again (it's a size 4T) to see if he would wear it. He pretty much had the same reaction. Just tonight I pulled it out for what would be my final shot and was turned down again. I actually had to hide it from Drew because he was trying to rip it with his bare hands and teeth. Wow. I guess he really hates it.

So, I'm taking my first stab at selling something on ebay (Item number: 200201092089). Edward told me to pass along the story of the first time I tried to get Drew to wear it, but I decided not to include it. Funny as it is, I don't know how many bids I would get after explaining my baby boy was in tears because of how girly the outfit was.

I guess if the outfit doesn't sell because it's too girly, I could always pass it on to Mallory!

My brother, the star

Ben is an AMAZING actor. I don't know how he does it, but he is a natural. He auditioned for Little Shop of Horrors at BYU, and he got the lead role! He is Seymour in the student-directed play. I'd say that is quite an accomplishment since he is only a Freshman! In high school he played Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther and Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast just to name a few. He is outstanding.

The boys in our family definitely got the acting talent. Aaron, Joel, & Ben have all been stand-outs. I suppose Andrea & I got the athletic ability over the boys. I had a semester of drama in high school - mostly because some of my friends were taking the class, and our teacher was EEEEEEAAAASSSSYYYYY - a guaranteed A. I stunk! I can remember putting on a small performance for our parents. I was onstage in an old auditorium that was hot and stuffy. The side doors had to be propped open for some air circulation. As I was onstage reciting my lines, the audience started cracking up. My lines weren't meant to be funny, so I checked my fly. Yep, all good. I turned to look around a bit and saw that a stray cat had entered through the open doors and made its way onstage with me. Being the composed actor that I was, I LOST IT! I laughed so hard and could not stop. I'll just leave the acting up to the boys from now on.

We love you Joel!