Friday, February 8, 2008


Drew got a hold of a marker today. He decided to use "war paint" to turn himself & Mallory into "Indians." The cycle continues: Ross did these things to Elizabeth, she did them to Drew, and he now does them to Mallory. Joy of joys.


Mallory LOVES baby dolls. She loves to hold them and kiss them and carry/drag them around. I always think it's so neat to see how nurturing little girls are. It's just so natural. Amazing.

Baby Lauren's Blessing

Last weekend, some of the Felker clan gathered for baby Lauren's blessing. Unfortunately Drew had strep throat so the two little ones and I stayed home and sent the others up north. I hated missing out on the fun. Edward reported that the visit was so fun, and Andrew (Edward's brother - standing next to him) gave one of the most beautiful blessings he's ever heard. Thanks to Elizabeth, I have pictures of some of the fun.

Big sister Audrey and beautiful baby Lauren

Buddies Audrey and Kayley look darling in their coordinated attire!

Drew & Cade

Since Drew's best cousins, Sterling & Sam, live so far away, he has another best buddy, Cade. They go to preschool together and are forever joined at the hip. Their big brothers have been in the same classes since the first grade, so we already knew about Cade. We were so glad to hear he was going to Drew's preschool. Cade is such a funny little guy that constantly has something creative to say. When I asked Drew what he'd like to do on his birthday he replied, "have Cade over to play." So that's what we did, and they had a fun afternoon.

Cade gave Drew this Cranium Crazy Cap for his birthday. It's so fun! Everyone in the family has a fun time creating different designs. Here Drew is a friendly alien...
...and Cade is an angry alien.

Where a kid can be a PIG!

That is what Drew thinks is said on the Chuck E. Cheese commercial. After four kids we've learned NEVER to go there on a Saturday! Usually it's the restaurant they always choose for their birthday dinner, so off we went last Monday night. We had a pretty good time.

Enjoying the tiny carousel
Drew wanted to use most of his tokens on the racing games, but he needed his Daddy's help. Edward was very happy to be so helpful. Look at the concentration on his face.

We love skee ball!

Elizabeth and the big mouse himself

What once was lost now is found.

So, I accidentally deleted a PRICELESS picture from my digital camera. Dang it! I googled "recovering a deleted photo" and this site popped up:

Lo and behold it worked! Yay!!!! I think you'll see why I was so thrilled to get it back...

Notice the Grip of Death Mallory has on me. Look at the rigid line of her body as she pulls away from Chuck E. As he began to approach, I felt her tighten up as her entire body squeezed mine. The whole ordeal only took about 10 seconds, so I don't think she'll be too traumatized. Funny!