Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daniel Son

Last night I saw The Karate Kid on TV. I decided to watch and reminisce. Ahhh... Ralph Macchio. When I was a kid, Ralph was my first crush. I dreamed of growing up and marrying him. I was in love. I can remember thinking he had a dorky name, but his cuteness certainly made up for it. Whenever I played "house" I was ALWAYS Mrs. Macchio (remember Kate?). I can remember finding out how much older than me he was, but age doesn't matter when it comes to love, right?

Watching the movie now as an adult, I found it quite cheesy. But, then again, it is an 80's flick.

Anyway, it was fun thinking back to that fun stage of my childhood.

After getting over Ralph, I moved onto Ricky Schroeder, then Rob & Fab from Milli Vanilli (Girl You Know It's True!), and finally to my true crush - the one and only Edward Felker. Yes, he became my crush at the age of 12.

Here's to you, Ralph Macchio!