Friday, January 25, 2008

Junie B. Jones

Our family loves the Junie B. Jones series of books, written by Barbara Park. If you've never heard of this, please, check some out at your library! They are so funny! I read them myself because they are so entertaining. Junie B. Jones is in Kindergarten and first grade in the series. She is an honest, forthcoming, mischievous, curious little character. Elizabeth was reading Shipwrecked at church last Sunday. I got a little distracted when I peeked over her shoulder and read the following. I was in tears as I read this:

I put down my pencil to think about this situation.

Only I didn't even have time to concentrate, hardly. 'Cause, all of a sudden, there was a noise on the other side of the room.

I turned my head to look.


A boy named Roger throwed up on the floor!

It was the disgustingest thing I ever saw. Also, the air did not smell delightful.

I quick held my nose and closed my eyes.

Only too bad for me. 'Cause my dumb-bunny eyes have a brain of their own. And they kept on sneaking peeks of the splat-o.

It was Cheerios, I believe.

Finally, I put my head on my desk. And I covered up with my arms.

Only just then, more trouble happened.

And it's called, a boy named Sheldon couldn't stand the splat-o.

And so he jumped up from his chair!

And he ran straight out of Room One!

And that was a surprise, I tell you!

Mr. Scary ran after him.

He brought Sheldon back in a jiffy.

Then he quick called the school nurse, Mrs. Weller, on the phone. And he told her that we need her help right now.

"Hurry!" he said. "Fast!"

And so, Mrs. Weller zoomed to Room One as fast as a speedy rocket.

And then she hurried over to Roger. And she talked to him in a calmy voice. And she said everything is going to be okay.

Roger hanged his head real embarrassed. I felt sorry for that guy. Also, he was making me ill.

Finally, Mrs. Weller helped him get up from his chair. And she held his hand. And she took him to her office.

After that, Room One could not do any work. On account of how can you do work with splat-o on the floor?

Only hurray, hurray!

'Cause pretty soon, our janitor named Gus Vallony cam rushing through the door.

I jumped right up when I saw him. "Gus Vallony! It's me? It's me! It's Junie B. Jones!" I hollered out. "Roger throwed up? Roger throwed up!"

Gus Vallony winked at me.

Then he went straight to Roger's desk. And he took out his important janitor equipment. And he sprinkled powder all over the splat-o.

And wowie wow wow! That stuff sweeped up like a miracle! We could not believe our eyeballs!

"Whoa!" said my friend named Lennie.

"Si...whoa!" said my other friend Jose. "That powder is like magic."

I sniffed the air. "Yes! It is like magic, Jose!" I said. "Plus now it smells lemony fresh in here!"

Other children sniffed, too.

"Mmm. It does smell lemony fresh," said a girl named Shirley. "I wish I had some of that stuff for my mother. She loves to clean up messes."

"Mine does, too," said my bestest friend named Herbert.

Then, all of a sudden, Herb springed out of his seat very excited.

"Wait! Hold it! My mother's birthday is on Sunday!" he said. "And so that's what I'll get her! I'll get her a tub of that magic powder! What's the name of it, Mr. Vallony? Huh? What's it called? What's it called."

Gus Vallony's face went kind of funny. He glanced his eyes at Mr. Scary, and then back at Herbert again.

Finally, he ran his fingers through his bald hair. And he said the name of it.

"Vomit absorbent," he said kind of quiet. "It's called vomit absorbent."

At first, Herbert just stood at his desk very frozen. He did not say any words.

Then, after a minute, he did a little shiver. And he sat back down.

"Maybe I'll just draw her a picture," he said.