Friday, December 14, 2007

Our visit with Santa

This is part of Winter Wonderland. Our city does an excellent job providing this service each year. There is a huge village display with electric trains running through out (Brother Gibson, you would be impressed!). They've built a walk-way over the village. There are lots of great decorations in the hall, and of course, the highlight is making the long walk to see Santa.
Finally, the big moment. They've waited for this since December 2006. If you'll look closely, this Santa might look a little familiar to some of you. It's a secret that my dad is actually one of Santa's helpers! The oldest two were amazed when they figured out what was happening. I told them it is a big responsibility to keep this secret. Elizabeth especially is having a hard time keeping this new secret. Their cousins were behind us in line, and they both wanted to rush right over to tell them. Of course they too figured it out once they got up there, but Andrea was telling them, "NO! Santa just looks familiar!"

Ross was smiling from ear to ear when he figured out what was going on. It was pretty cute.

Elizabeth was priceless! How I wish I had my video camera with me! First of all, she has quite a lengthy list this year. So she asked Santa for a guitar that wasn't "cheap" this year because last year he brought her one that broke right a way. After they were done talking, Santa whispered to her, "I love you" because he knew that she knew. I WISH YOU COULD HAVE SEEN HER FACE!!!!! It was hysterical!!!! She stopped for a minute to think about it, and she had these furrowed brows. Then she said, "WEIRD." Santa had to pause for a moment to regain his composure.

Drew kept pushing the other kids in front of him. I guess he needed proof that The Big Guy could be trusted. He told Santa he wanted a PlayStation. Can you tell he has a big brother? Luckily Santa knew what was going on and talked him into a new Buzz costume or super hero toys.

I have a cousin whose 5 year-old is fascinated with reptiles - live reptiles. His mom, luckily enough for her, had a connection with Santa and called him to request that Santa tell Joey he can't bring live snakes in his toy sack.

Surprisingly, Mallory didn't cry for Santa. She really stared at him for a while, though.

Mrs. Claus with a little elf.

Nice picture, right? Now check out Elizabeth. Rather daring, I'd say. I told her she had a lot of nerve sneaking bunny ears on Mrs. Claus. "You'd better watch out..."


The sixth Felker niece of 2007 has arrived! Baby Lauren Emily was born to Andrew & Sarah and big sister Audrey on Wednesday. She weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and is 21 inches. I think she's beautiful and can't wait to get my hands on her! Hopefully if all goes well we will get to meet her in about two weeks. That makes 19 grandchildren under the age of 10!