Saturday, October 27, 2007

Let the Halloween festivities begin!

Yesterday we went Trick-or-Treating to the downtown businesses. The kids really enjoyed a jump start on the candy hunt.

Mallory is the cutest baby chicken on the planet! She leaves a trail of white feathers wherever she goes. The chicken feet are my favorite!

Drew is a "nice" Frankenstein, according to him. He doesn't like any of the scary stuff, so he wants everyone to know he's nice. He's seen this costume in magazines and just had to have it. It was a bit pricey for me, but thanks to e-bay, we got a good deal. It's basically a fleece jacket and is perfect for picky little Drew!

Elizabeth had a lot of fun making people do a double-take. Ever the drama queen, she had fun acting like a granny. She'd stop and say in a granny voice, "Oh, my back! You guys go on without me!"

Ross has had an alien encounter! The jammied-feet are stuffed. His real feet are the alien's feet. He also enjoyed throwing people off with the get-up. Thanks for the idea Family Fun!

A very tuckered-out little chicken

Sailing, Sailing...

Drew took Mallory on a high sea adventure a couple of weeks ago. They were dodging evil pirates & hot lava left and right!
They are reading the treasure map (a.k.a. Candyland game board).