Friday, October 26, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Usually, we let the kids paint their pumpkins. They pick a favorite image from the computer, I trace it onto the pumpkin, and they paint it. Unfortunately, my craft paints are still tucked away in a yet-to-be-unpacked box in the yet-to-be-organized basement. Bummer. There was much disappointment in the disturbance of routine. Drew would have NOTHING to do with touching the pumpkin "guts."

The boys wanted a little help with their designs, while Elizabeth is crafty enough to do her own.

Be cool about fire safety!

To celebrate "Fire Safety Week" Drew's preschool took a field trip to our fire station. He was excited to climb into the big fire truck.

Mallory is always swarmed by the little girls. She's usually a pretty good sport. For those of you that went to school with me, the little girl in the leopard headband is Heather Matthews Millers little girl, Morgan. She is such a funny, spunky little thing!

Drew was all smiles as he climbed aboard!

Drew and his best friend, Cade. Now, he's no Sterling, but Cade is a pretty good substitute when Sterling isn't around. Drew calls Cade his cousin, and Cade calls Drew his brother. Whatever the relationship, they are good buddies. Their big brothers have been classmates for the last three years also.


If you have a weak constitution don't read this blog entry!

Yesterday I was driving myself crazy trying to finish up Halloween costumes. I was on the floor really concentrating on my stitching while Drew and Mallory were sitting beside me playing. I looked up at Mallory and noticed she was chewing on something. I made a comment about her tasting something, and Drew told me, "She's just chewing on her spit-up." That's gross enough, but no, he was fibbing. Upon closer inspection, she had a giant Drew-sized booger on her lip. That's right. He was sharing his "treasure" with her. Poor baby.