Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Mallory got her first taste of peas. She wasn't so impressed.

Felker Family Work Day

Yes, we're STILL working on the upper deck! It's getting close to being finished, thank goodness. We've only been working on it since March. Saturday we spent the day getting most of the railing up. It makes a big difference.

Elizabeth's perm

Elizabeth has been asking for a perm for a long time. So, I attempted to give it a shot. Here she is before...

The pain! The horror! Our little drama queen hated the smell of the chemicals. Of course she was quite exaggerated in showing her displeasure.

... and after. The stinkin' thing didn't work! All that trouble for nothing! Someone told me that it can sometimes take a couple of times for the perm to take. I guess we'll try it again in December.

Family Reunion

This is my Aunt Susie & Uncle Butch (actually, it's Darrell, but he's Butch to me and the rest of the family). Butch is my mom's twin brother. He is retired from the Navy, and he and Susie travel the country full-time in their fifth-wheel trailer. It's their home. They make their rounds to this part of the country every September, so it's always a fun visit.

Darrell (he'll always be "Bud" to me!) and cutie-patootie Nolan. Bud is Uncle Butch & Aunt Susie's son. He and his wife, Jen and kids Nolan and Olivia live at Fort Leonard Wood. He is in the army and has served a tour of duty in Iraq.