Friday, September 14, 2007

Baby food

Mallory has started eating baby cereal. The kids are infatuated with the fact that she knows how to eat something other than milk. From her first bite she has loved it. She gets her love of food from her mom!

I think it's impossible to feed a baby while you keep your mouth closed. I always open and close my mouth when I feed my babies.

She started lurching forward for each bite when I wasn't going fast enough.

By the end of the meal she began "washing down" each bite with her fingers. She's still a paci girl, but she also sucks her thumb on her left hand and sucks any combination of fingers on her right hand. It's usually her middle two or her first two, but occasionally she'll get three or even four fingers in at a time. I often find her sucking her thumb when I check on her in the night. She's a multi-talented girl!

Our little rock star!

Mallory is our little toy. She's so patient with us as we humor ourselves with her cuteness.

We're a perfect match! has this really fun feature where you can add stickers to your photos. The kids and I have been getting some good laughs out of it. Edward just shakes his head at our silliness!