Friday, August 24, 2007

Mr. Popular

When I picked the kids up from school yesterday, Ross and I had the following conversation:
Ross: You know mom, I'm becoming pretty popular in the third grade.
Me: Oh yeah? Why do you say that?
Ross: Because I go tell Brandon to stop picking on kids (Brandon is a HUGE bully. He's twice the size of the other third graders. The poor kid doesn't have many advantages in his life. The one advantage he does have is his size, and he's ALWAYS using it to intimidate the other kids).
Me: How do you do that?
Ross: At recess I see him picking on kids so I go up to him and say, "Brandon, you need to walk
away and leave him/her alone."
Me: How does Brandon respond to that?
Ross: He says, "I'm big and scary! You better run away."
Me: Then what do you do?
Ross: I just say, "Brandon, I'm not leaving until you walk away." I'm not scared of him, Mom.
We'll see if he still feels that way when he comes home with a black eye. Watch for more on this subject.

Tasty tidbits

Drew is my little chef. He loves to help me in the kitchen. He pretty much asks me anytime I cook or bake if he can help. For anyone who's ever cooked with a 3 year-old, you know it can get messy, but I usually bite my tongue and let him "help" me. Last night he wanted to help me make meatloaf. We usually take turns putting in the ingredients. When I was taking my turn I added dried minced onions. He watched me with a concerned look on his face and asked, "Are those fingernails?"