Wednesday, August 22, 2007


...take caution when watching this! Actually, if you are easily grossed out, DON'T WATCH! My Dad and brother, Aaron, had to turn away. Ben couldn't even look. For everyone else, this is hysterical. The first time I saw this clip of babies spitting-up, I laughed until tears were rolling down my cheeks. My favorite is the grandma holding the baby. I guess these clips are so funny to me because all of our babies have been major pukers. To quote the great Pee-wee Herman, "I lived it, Dottie." Poor Drew got it from Mallory right in the mouth last week. He started gagging until he nearly threw up. Good times. Good times.

And the winner is...

A few days ago, Mallory rolled over three times in a row. Drew seriously told me, "We need to put her in a baby contest so she can win." If anyone hears of a baby rolling contest, let me know and we'll sign her up!

Cartoon cuddle time

Drew wanted Mallory to watch cartoons with him this morning. She actually wouldn't take her eyes off the T.V.