Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Elizabeth's dental appointment

I couldn't resist taking this shot of Elizabeth at the dentist's office. I threw my camera in my bag because at her last appointment she was absolutely hilarious after receiving the laughing gas. She sang "Zipp-a-dee-doo-da" at the top of her lungs and was overly animated in her movements. She acted pretty normally today, although she was convinced that a bug flew into the nose piece. She had the dental assistant checking it out. Anyway this is before...
...and after. She looked so silly! The left side of her face was numb for hours. You'll notice even her left nostril is numb. We had some good laughs out of it.

Pool fun

All decked out and ready for fun!
Harrison is just about to make a monster splash with his cannon ball.
Grant does a handstand on the water.
Ross' dive
Grant has to out perform Harrison with his cannon ball.
Elizabeth performs what she calls her "fancy move."

Ross tries to make a tiny splash.
Mallory is not quite so sure she wants to back float. Actually, she really likes the pool as long as it's warm enough. Of course the other kids swarm her as soon as she gets in.

Drew always either hangs out on the steps or in my arms. He definitely doesn't take after Elizabeth in the adventure department.

Elizabeth could live in the pool.

Ross is also a little fish.

Drew, me, Elizabeth, and Andrea