Sunday, July 29, 2007


We had a great time rooting for the Cardinals on Saturday night. They beat the Brewers 5-2. Andrea and Tommie bought tickets to take their family, but Grant was invited to play in an All-Star game, so they couldn't use them. They had to twist our arms to get us to use the tickets. We were able to bring Harrison, Mary Catherine, and her friend Kimberly. Ross has already been to four Cardinal games, but this was the first for Elizabeth, Drew, and Mallory. Elizabeth watched most of the game and then decided drawing was more fun. Drew's favorite part of the game was eating all of the junk food we packed. He was finished with his stash by the sixth inning. On the way home we had lots of questions from Elizabeth about drunks and homeless people. It was a learning experience indeed. Actually it was a lot of fun!

Elizabeth, Harrison, & Ross

Mary Catherine, her friend Kimberly, Drew, and an extreme close up of me.

Mary Catherine is such a good big cousin!

Albert Pujols, I think. It was kind of hard to tell because my nose was bleeding.

The new Busch Stadium with a view of the Arch. Luckily, no one got stuck up there that night. In case you didn't hear on the news, people got stuck up there last Saturday for over three hours because the power went out.