Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sweet dreams!

Uncle Aaron, of course, is the hit of any party according to his adoring fans - the nieces and nephews. When he was done wrestling/playing with the kids he decided he'd take a little nap on the couch in the computer room. The kids would have none of that! So after waking him up by jumping on his gut, he decided he'd hide from them. He covered his entire body with the cushions and fell asleep. You'll notice someone spied him there and put a newspaper on his head.

A Sea of Shirtless Boys

Ross had a sleep over for his 8th birthday. The boys had a great time playing wiffleball, playing the X-box, watching The Sandlot, and other "guy stuff." When it was time for the lights to go out, all of the boys except one, took their shirts off. Elizabeth came in and said, "Ewww! Why are your shirts off?!" Grant, my 9 year old nephew said, "Because we're MEN!!!!!"