Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Gang's All Here!

What a motley crew! For the holiday weekend, the Felker clan converged in Missouri to celebrate Mary Caroline's graduation. We had such a great time catching up with each other. The Reall's travelled from Chicago, the Carles travelled from Pittsburgh, and the Sanders travelled from Crestview, FL.

Jan and her kids - What a great looking bunch! Top row - Mary, Katie, Colton, Jessica, Jan Ellen. Front row - Edward, Jan, and Andrew.

16 and counting! Here is a picture of all of the Felker cousins (for now). Three more are on the way! Top row - Sterling, Edward, Julia, Katrina, Judson, Drew, Ross, Matthew. Front row - Carloline holding Kathryn, Audrey, Olivia, Sammy, Kayley, Elizabeth holding Mallory. It was a wild, fun weekend.

To celebrate Mary Caroline's graduation, a dance party was thrown in her honor. May-May (as the kids call her) danced all night with the kids who ADORE her. A fun time was had by all!

I captured Kayley break dancing.

Audrey danced ALL NIGHT LONG! Every time I looked on the dance floor, there she was. That girl can boogie!

While we were all together, cousins Caroline and Judson were baptized. It was great to be a part of and to see John baptize his first daughter and Jud baptize his first son.

Ross and Matthew had a good time hanging out, playing baseball, and sword fighting.

The "twin cousins, " Elizabeth and Julia share the same birthday (9 hours a part!).

AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! After months of anticipation, Drew finally gets to see his fellow superhero and best buddy in the whole wide world, Sterling. I have been hearing, "I really miss Sterling" since we left. The Sanders live in Florida, so the distance is really hard on us all!

The three newest Felker cousins - Kathryn (2-21-07), Mallory (4-25-07), and Katrina (3-9-07) - three more are on the way!

Words of Wisdom

Drew tries to teach Mallory something each day.

Our daredevil

Elizabeth right after the accident. She looks SOOOOOOO much better now! We're amazed at how well she is healing.