Sunday, May 20, 2007

"911... What's your emergency?"

What a week it's been! Three of the four kids are on antibiotics. Mallory is taking medicine for thrush - no big deal.

Then, Ross gave us a chicken pox scare. It's going around in his class. I picked him up from school on Tuesday, and he mentioned something about thinking he might have the chicken pox. Now, I love my son, but he can be quite a worrier at times, so I pretty much brushed him off. When I finally got around to looking him over just to ease his worries, I noticed about 15 spots on his face, neck, arms, tummy, and back. I thought, "Oh, great!" So a quick trip to Dr. Lee ensued where she assured me that it was just bug bites. What a relief! That made sense to me because we'd been at his ballgame the night before, and bugs do love his delicate skin. The next morning a got a call from the school nurse describing EVERY spot on his body - plus he apparently had about 20 more. I explained the situation, and she asked me to come in to have a look. I asked if she really thought it was chicken pox and she said yes. When I got to school, she said he was the 4th kid to be sent home that morning with c.p. So, I immediately took him back to Dr. Lee, who after further inspection, concluded that he had a strep infection. Hence, antibiotic prescription #2.

Now, comes the most traumatic incident. Last night we had just arrived at my parent's house for Ben's graduation party. The kids were playing outside. The adults were inside enjoying good food and good conversation. I went into a back bedroom to feed Mallory when I heard Elizabeth crying that "really, really hurt cry" (you mom's know what I'm talking about). When I walked back into the bathroom, a crowd had gathered around her. She was laying in her daddy's lap with a washcloth on her forehead. (Apparently, our little daredevil was jumping on the trampoline and tried to jump up and grab the highest leaf she could reach on a nearby tree. She crashed into it instead.) Someone pulled the washcloth away to reveal two big lacerations. My sister, a nurse, said, "Oh, yeah. She needs stitches." So, off to the hospital we went, and after five hours in the E. R., she came home with a total of 14 stitches. And that totals 3 Felker kids taking antibiotics!

Please pray that things settle down for us this week!